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Frequently Asked Questions

- I love buzzwords, psychobabble, walls of text, cliches, and purple prose. Are you the writer for me?

Um, no. 

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- What is copywriting? 

Copywriting is writing that persuades the reader/viewer to take action. For example, sign up for a newsletter, buy a product/service, clip out a voucher, or donate. It's everywhere. Billboards, pamphlets, online, offline - EVERYWHERE.

- What is content writing?

Content writing is writing that informs, inspires or entertains - for example, staff bios, a business report, a blog post, or an article.

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- What is UX writing?

UX (user experience) writing is writing that makes the user's experience as positive and streamlined as possible. It considers people's behaviour when they use apps, websites, and other digital applications. 

Unlike many writers, I do all three of these types of writing (copywriting, content writing and UX writing).

- How much do you charge? 

I prefer to charge by the project rather than by the hour. The transparency is reassuring for everyone.

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- How much per word? (a.k.a. a filthy, filthy question!).

As above, but this one gets its own section. I don't charge per word because good writing is about quality, not quantity. Not to mention marketing knowledge and much more.

Imagine if the person who came up with 'Just Do It' for Nike was paid per word. Seriously, duh.  

- I can hire someone cheaply from an outsourcing company for next to nothing. Why wouldn't I?

Go for it. True, the writing probably won't be much good, but hey.

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- Why should I hire you? 

I'll make you sound fantastic.


I build strong relationships based on trust with my clients - because I take the time to know them. I learn about their businesses, target audiences, goals and needs. I write potent words for them. I ease their stress and save them time. Let me do the same for you.

- Can I hire you to do regular work for me, and if so, would you consider a retainer? 

Yes, and yes. I have clients on retainers, and it's a great system on both sides as it allows certainty.

You might like to hire me to write regular blogs or newsletters or update content on your website monthly - or a zillion other things. Let's go over what you want to do together, and I'll do a quote for you. Contact me.

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- How much for a mixture of your services? For example, some website writing, a bit of video scriptwriting, and some research?

We can go over what you want to do together, and I'll do a quote for you. Click here for a (free) consultation.

- What's your process?

See this page on how I work

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- How much for a mixture of your services? For example, some website writing, a bit of video scriptwriting, and some research?

We can go over what you want to do together, and I'll do a quote for you. Click here for a (free) consultation.

- Do you charge upfront?

I charge 50% at the start of the project and the remaining 50% on delivery of the first draft. For larger jobs, I invoice 3-4 times.

For very small jobs up to $200, I invoice the full amount at the start.  

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- I need regular small updates to my website. Do you do this?

Yes. Menus, staff bios, new items in your online store, new services, monthly banner promotions - anything. Clients wanting this often find that a retainer agreement with me works well for them. 

Get in touch here. 

- Do you offer an urgent service?

Occasionally - (for a corresponding rush rate of 25%). This depends on circumstances, and it's not usually possible because, well, you know, life. But feel free to ask.

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- I've never done a video before. Will I be able to follow a script? 

Yes, you'll find it a breeze. I spent 20+ years in the screen industry as a scriptwriter. I write scripts that are simple and jargon-free. Including video on your site acts as a big drawcard and hugely increases engagement rates. Do it! 

- Do you do graphic design too?

Nope. It's a highly specialised profession, and I'm all about writing. However, I have collaborated for years with several exceptional graphic designers. That means that I can take on any project requiring words and design. I'll work with one of my contacts or yours, as you prefer.

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- Would you be open to working in our office sometimes?

If you're in New York, Vietnam or Budapest, sadly, no. If you're in Auckland, absolutely.  

- What is creative direction? 

Great question. Check out my page on this little-known but fabulous subject here.

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- I need both photos and words, can you provide both?

Yes. I collaborate with a professional photographer. We can do case studies, events and any other jobs requiring copywriting and images for you. 

See more here.

- Why did you give your company such a strange name?

I am a copywriter but I do lots of other writing, too, so I didn't want to be 'Something Copywriting'. My name, Bridget Ellis-Pegler, is long and so I didn't want to use it in my branding


I adore chameleons with their spiral tails, hilarious little faces, and ability to go incognito. Paisley is my favourite pattern. And I'm a sucker for a bit of randomness.

Image by Antunes Vila Nova Neto
B's chameleon cake.jpg

- Is it true you did a cake decorating course, and your final cake was chameleon themed?


I had grand ideas about making the chameleon with paisley patterns on it like my logo and doing the whole thing in my brand colours, but that was a bit over-ambitious!

I had a blast doing it, all the same. 

What Can I Take Off Your Plate?

Copywriting. Branding. SEO. Tone of Voice. Newsletters. About Pages. Emails. Content Writing. Banner Ads. Words & Photo Combos. Videos. Company Reports. Blogs. Style Guides. Case Studies. Bios. Social Media Adverts. Treatments. Creative Direction. Articles. Product Descriptions. Direct Mail. Brand/Product Naming. Ghostwriting. Slogans & Taglines. Sales Funnels. Research. Website Copy Audits.


Something else? Let's talk.

It all starts with a conversation.

I'll get to the heart of your business. Let me tell YOUR unique story.

Read more about Paisley Chameleon on the About page. To read more about me personally, go here. 


Check out my Testimonials page to see what people say about me.

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