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My Approach

All the 'ings'

Bridget Ellis-Pegler

I write content and copy for sales and marketing materials for businesses and agencies. Below is my process. We won't need all the steps for smaller projects, but you'll get the idea.

Step 1. Scoping

I charge a set fee for a project rather than quoting by the hour. To quote accurately within this set fee structure, I have to establish a solid definition of the project. 

Before we start, I'll send you a questionnaire to complete. It will include questions like this:
- what is the copy
 for? (website, video, blog post, advertising flyer, newsletter, etc.) 
- how many pages of copy?

- will I be revising existing content or starting fresh?
- timeframe?

We'll then meet to discuss your answers in more depth. It will help me understand what you need in more detail, and you can also ask me questions. I prefer to do this by phone, video call, or email, but we can meet in person if you like.


Step 2. Proposing

I'll send you a proposal that clearly defines the project's scope. I will include a quote for the job with detailed pricing that includes amendments, meetings* and all other costs. 

*A word about meetings

An important briefing meeting happens when the project gets the go-ahead - see 'Briefing' below. There is no charge for this. Otherwise, my quotes don't usually include meetings (unless you're the sort of person who likes to go over everything in person). In that case, extra meetings will be charged hourly, and travel and other costs will be added. 

Step 3. Timing

You're the client; you'll be the one to set the project deadlines. Haha, within reason, anyway! Whatever we agree to, I'll commit to. As soon as the project is signed off, our agreed timeframe will be official. 

Step 4. Commissioning

You'll accept the quote, and the project will officially begin. At this point, 50% of the overall payment must be paid. This is non-negotiable. I charge the full amount for very small projects ($200 and under) at the outset.

Step 5. Briefing

We'll have a comprehensive session of about an hour to start the project. It's really nice to do this in person, but if that's not your thing, I understand. We can do it however you like. 

We'll go over precisely what you need and why so that I can deliver the best possible results. I'll ask you more questions about your brand and your marketing objectives. If the scale or type of project has changed since the proposal was written, I'll adjust accordingly and resend it for your sign-off.

Step 6. Info-Providing

You'll provide me with any materials/assets I may need. E.g. research materials, images, your brand's tone guide, etc. (Don't worry, not all clients will have this).

Step 7. Writing

I'll write three versions of your document (first, second and third drafts). This gives you two rounds of amends. Any extra rounds will be charged at the hourly rate of $90 p.h. (This information will be included in your proposal).

I use Microsoft Word using the comments function for copywriting projects. (Google Drive is great for lots of things, but I don't love it for copywriting). 

Step 8. Reviewing 

At the delivery of each draft, you'll carefully review it and sign it off. This ensures we all stay on the same page (to use a genuinely horrendous pun). Together, we'll set the timeframes for each review stage to ensure that you've given yourselves enough time to carefully review the copy and confirm that it meets the brief. 

Step 9. Paying 

You'll pay the remainder of the invoice.

Step 10. Celebrating

Everyone will be thrilled. 
Me, because I've gained a fantastic new client.
You, because you've found a quality writer and love working with her!

Introvert? Extrovert? Ambivert? 

Not everyone likes communicating the same way. If video calls give you the heebs, or you're more comfortable doing everything in writing or in person, no problem. 

Shy mouse hiding in tulip by Nick Fewings

I'm always up for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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