My Process

All the 'ings'

Below is an outline of my process for writing projects. I have a similar approach for non-copywriting jobs, such as creative direction projects. It's not set in stone, and we won't need all the steps for smaller projects, but you get the idea.


We'll have a 30-minute discovery consultation. 
This is something I offer for FREE.
It will help me to understand what you need in more detail.
I will ask lots of questions, and we'll start to get to know each other.


I'll send you a quote for the work.


You'll accept the quote, and the project will officially begin.

Deep Diving

We'll have a comprehensive session to start the project. We'll plunge into precisely what you need and why, so that I can deliver the best possible results.


 As a follow-up to the Deep Dive session, I'll create a brief for the project and double-check with you that we're clear on both sides regarding needs and expectations, including timing. If the scale or type of project has changed since the quote was done, I'll adjust accordingly and resend it for sign-off from you.


You'll provide me with any materials/assets I may need.

E.g. details of your website, social media details, images.

(Don't worry, not all clients will have the above).


I'll write a polished first draft.

You'll review it. I'll incorporate any revisions until you're satisfied.


Everyone will be thrilled. 
Me, because I've gained a fantastic new client.
You, because you've found a quality writer and you love working with her!
(Says she, with great confidence). 


It all starts with a conversation.

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.