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My Story

Snake-wrangler, not.

Miniature coloured houses

I wonder as I wander

  • How did this sprightly nana get so excited about breeding crickets for sale?

  • Where did this rugby player learn how to knit beanies for prem babies?

  • What turned this artist into a multi-millionaire tech entrepreneur?

  • Why does this business owner get tears in his eyes when he talks about water filters?

  • Who knew this woman's holiday to NZ would end up with her running an immigration consultancy here? 

  • Why widgets? Just why?!

You can't be a good writer without an innate curiosity about the world around you and what makes people tick. ​I love the way my work allows me insights into other people's inner workings.

Things I love. And don't.

Things I love.And don't love.

I adore my magical 5 a.m. starts to the day, creating things, laughing, reading and musing on life.

I'm nuts for all things miniature. 

I love people with a sense of humour.

Despite my pathological fear of snakes, I once allowed an enormous albino python to be draped around my neck with an expression on its face that could only be described as 'keen'. Even now, I shudder, remembering its body's heinous, muscular feeling on my skin. What was that about? I wonder to this day. 


My favourite ice cream is stracciatella.


Mussels make me sick. So do hateful people.

Above all, I love my beautiful friends and family.

Yellow and white snake

Never a dull moment

My career has put me into some mighty colourful situations. I've:

  • run a strategy meeting in a boat perched on top of a skyscraper in Singapore;

  • been to the world's penultimate video game developers' conference and out-geeked myself;

  • pitched to Disney, Netflix, the BBC etc.;

  • interviewed women in Edinburgh about tampons (never laughed so hard in my life);

  • travelled backwards at speed down a steep street in San Francisco when the cable car's brakes failed (wasn't laughing then);

  • explored the jungle in Indonesia, appraising it for filming a TV series;

  • had my passport buried in a garden by kids in Germany and confiscated by police in Hungary.

What's next, I wonder...

What's my process? 

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It all starts with a chat

Paisley Chameleon Writing Services. Mt Eden, Auckland, New Zealand. 021 066 1823.

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