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Lovely things people have said about me!

"Bridget took a huge weight off my shoulders with her expert skills and guidance - not just on making the words better for our website, but also, importantly, the structure and messaging. Rather than struggle on my own, it was so worthwhile getting her on board, and I've had so much positive feedback about the new site! She's smart, collaborative, insightful, and just excellent to work with."

Kim Tay, Company Director, The Wellbeing Works


Tane Upjohn-Beatson

Composer & Sound Designer

"I've had the great pleasure of working with Bridget as a composer/sound designer across film and gaming projects for a number of years. Bridget is a beautifully inspiring creative director, an expert at clearly communicating a vision and exciting a wide team to align with it. Simultaneously she nurtures an environment where each individual in the team is empowered to put forward offers and play to their strengths, masterfully balancing this with the project vision and keeping processes aligned and on track while maximising creative potential.

Bridget has an unparalleled empathetic understanding of people. Not only does this make her the perfect collaborator and someone I delight in taking direction from time and time again, but allows her a unique insight into a project's audience. She is someone whose opinion I will always turn to and trust. On top of all of this she is an endless well of creativity, bringing exciting and unexpected narrative and world-building to the table with an ease and joy that is inspiring to all around her.


Throughout long term creative processes with ever-shifting challenges, Bridget remains a bastion of positivity and a steadfast leader, someone who can be relied upon to steer the project through its most difficult moments. Bridget is the perfect collaborator, someone I cherish each opportunity to work with."


Edwin McRae

Author & Narrative Designer

"Bridget is a remarkably resilient and resourceful individual. I have witnessed her face immense work pressure and navigate such stressful situations with determination and good humour. She is an effective leader, able to get the best out of her team members while recognising and supporting their independence.


And Bridget is a talented and experienced creative herself, able to build and realise a creative vision through both writing and creative direction. It has always been an absolute pleasure to work with Bridget and I firmly believe that any project or business would be lucky to have her."

"I worked with Bridget to build a new full website for my business in the beauty industry to provide all the necessary solutions to grow my e-commerce business. The site is comprehensive involving a multitude of e-commerce transactions with a great deal of associated treatment services.


It has been a great experience and fabulous learning curve for me. Bridget was able to build in all the elements to create designs to not only enhance but modernise.

At all times Bridget was fully accommodating and patient with this process. So helpful.

She was able to provide solutions I had needed for a number of years and without the necessary skills, I was unable to even think about where to start. 


Bridget took the time to get to know me and my business. She actually spent time observing me interact with my customers and asked lots of questions.

The thing I loved best is she really got me and put these experiences into some wonderful creative content which has generated positive responses and comments and lifted my in-salon sales dramatically. My Google ranking and online sales have also risen dramatically.


The creativity and professional photographic input from her partner gave me a comprehensive package of support on an ongoing basis."

Rachelle Barton

Rachelle Barton, Owner,

Absolute Beauty Workshop

"Bridget has worked with us on numerous projects for our business. Her efficiency and reliability are unparalleled. Her input has been so valuable. She has produced interesting, fresh, and modern ideas for our website and is skilled at coming up with creative content across text, images, and design. She quickly gets to grip with the brief for a project and can create solutions that are simple, cost-effective, and efficient.


She is a delight to work with."

Rebecca Strange_NZ Visa Connections profile pic.jpg

Rebecca Strange

Director, NZ Visa Connections


Matt Forsyth 

2D & 3D Artist

"I've worked with Bridget on a number of projects where she has been the writer and creative lead and I have been the artist.


During that time I have found her to be excellent to work with. She has a natural talent to get her ideas across to an artist and also delivers them in a way that artists appreciate. She has a clear vision and knows what she wants but also gives the artist room to be creative and contribute ideas.


I would highly recommend her as a creative director/writer not only for her ability in the role but also as someone who fosters a great working environment."

"I worked very closely with Bridget during the period of approximately 6 months, having been offered a contract to complete a layout, a set of illustrations and cover design for a book.

I am a graphic designer and an artist with over 18 years of experience in the publishing and media industry, and working with Bridget has remained memorable, for it has been a pleasure to work for her over that period of time.


From the very beginning communication with Bridget had been easy, as she is a person who shows defined and clear vision for the project and what she would like to achieve.

Anya Veryaskina.jpeg

Anya Veryaskina

Artist & Graphic Designer

Bridget does not compromise on quality and places the utmost importance on delivering her best, which I highly admire and so, she worked hard to unite the team to bring forward the desirable results in the best possible way.


Bridget was wholly dedicated to the project and I could always approach her for guidance or an opinion at any time. She is an exceptionally hard-working person, with a warm personality and a drive to perfection.


I could not recommend Bridget highly enough and would always welcome an opportunity to work closely together again."


Liz Baldwin-Featherston, Director, LBF Teens & Kids Talent Agency

"I've had the privilege of working professionally with Bridget in the screen industry for many years.

Her creative vision, scriptwriting/writing and production skills are extraordinary, as is her tenacity and commitment. Bridget will persist tirelessly until a project is completed to her high standards.

She's able to ascertain clearly whether the direction of a project is working or not, and has always created rapid solutions to move forward to the betterment of the project.

Bridget has the rare quality of complete engagement & presence when interacting with people, whether myself, clients, colleagues, actors, or crew. 

This has always resulted in a deeply satisfying creative process, and outstanding final production & delivery of product."


Kyla Bendall, Animator

"I joined Bridget’s team to help with the development of a video game and the animation of the augmented reality elements of a book. Bridget was the creative director and I was tasked with animating the various characters and critters of the fantasy world.

The rest of the art team and I enjoyed an exceedingly positive and creative working relationship with Bridget. I thoroughly enjoyed helping to bring a wonderfully imaginative world alive. Bridget is one of those rare combinations of being truly creative, incredibly hard-working, and a real joy to be around.

Bridget is very approachable, always listened to any questions or concerns, and was open to others' ideas. Despite being very busy, she always made herself available for queries or feedback. Feedback was always prompt and wonderfully encouraging. She was a true pleasure to work for and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her."

It all starts with a conversation.

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