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About Paisley Chameleon

Looking For a Writer?

Hi, I'm Bridget Ellis-Pegler, a content writer and copywriter who loves working with small & medium-sized businesses.

4 (Huge) Reasons to Hire Me 

1. Get Quality Writing.

I'll partner with you and deliver top results. I'll make sure that your business:

  • rises above the competition

  • has a clear brand image and tone of voice 

  • looks and sounds professional in all its communication

  • uses messaging that resonates powerfully with its target audience

  • is easily found online (is optimised for search engines).

2. Have More Time.

It's hard to find time to work on your website and marketing when you're flat out with your core business. I get it. You don't have time to be writing persuasive and entertaining copy, nailing your branding, promoting your business and keeping up with social media and marketing trends.

That's my thing. Hire me, and I'll take things off your plate, liberate some time for you, reduce your stress and add value to your business. ​

3. Spend Less Cash.

You don't have to give me all that extra stuff that salaried employees get, like sick leave or cupcakes on my birthday. Or even a desk. I work from home, grind my own coffee beans and use my own equipment. 

4. Benefit From My Flexibility.

I am a freelancer; I am accommodating. I will move mountains for you. When you need a writer, I can step in. 

My Creds

  • ​Experienced content writer and copywriter.

  • Ten years as creative director and senior writer on a transmedia project for pre-teen girls.

  • ​20 years in the NZ screen industry as a scriptwriter.

  • Strong qualitative research and marketing background in premium research and brand development companies in Auckland and London.

  • Diploma in Film & TV Production.

  • Bachelor of Arts (Sociology)​.








Friendly when caffeinated.

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