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Words & Photos

A writer-photographer team

I collaborate with a wonderful professional photographer, Caroline Ducobu. We can deliver outstanding results for you when you need both words and images. 

Wedding by drone photography_by Caroline

Get playful

Look at things from a different perspective

View to Rangitoto by drone_Caroline Duco
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Share your stories

Celebrate your people

  • Showcase your staff and company. We can interview and photograph your staff and premises and create spectacular profiles for your website and marketing collateral.

  • Case studies - bring your clients' stories to life.

  • Website overhauls/new website content. We can make your website sparkle with dynamic copy and beautiful photography.

  • Newsletters. These can be beyond dire, but they don't need to be. We can help.

  • Blog posts - engage that audience of yours and keep it coming back regularly, hungry for more.

  • Packshots and product descriptions for your online store. We can lift your products off the virtual shelf and get them flying out the door.

  • Events. Share your successful events with your team and clients with engaging coverage.

  • Real estate photos and writing. Caro has worked for over 20 years as a real estate photographer. She also has a drone, so if you're after impressive aerial shots, get in touch. With her photos and my words, we will present your property so magnificently; you'll question why you're selling.

  • AirBnB, BookaBach listings. You could whip around taking badly-lit photos with your mobile and write something yourself. Or, you could hire us.

Caro's website:

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