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Creative Direction

I have over a decade of experience working as a creative director with creative people from many disciplines.

I am very proud of my excellent relationships with many of New Zealand's finest creative practitioners - artists, musicians, animators, filmmakers, actors and voice artists, and more.

I'd love to introduce them to you and to work together for the success of your business.

​Check out testimonials from some of them here.

Recording a crowdfunding video_Paisley Chameleon


Case Studies Paisely Chamelen

I Can:

  • create or revamp marketing material

  • make newsletters more engaging

  • create illustrations, animation, music, or other creative elements for you

  • create video content for your website or social media

  • share your company's good news stories with case studies

  • improve your brand's presence on social media

  • create a project 'bible' for your idea for a TV series, film, or video game

  • personify your brand with the creation of a character

  • design & create a new website for you

  • refresh an existing website

  • & more.

Creative Design for Websites

Your website is the online face of your business. I can deliver a 'look and feel' roadmap for a stunning website that reflects your brand beautifully. I can then create the website for you in partnership with my collaborators, or you can use the roadmap to work with other web developers/designers, as you prefer.

Original illustrations

Unique illustrations can help you communicate ideas that are abstract, or difficult to explain. They can also add huge charm and interest to your website and materials. 


For this project, I briefed an artist for a series of illustrations in a children's book. 


The artist created this wonderful image using a digital montage technique - creating a collage of altered and manipulated photographic and artistic content through Photoshop. 

Artist: Anya Veryaskina

matt-forsyth character art.jpg

Game art. Artist: Matt Forsyth

matt-forsyth-game art.jpg

Game art. Artist: Matt Forsyth

Character design,world building, creative treatments

Let's chat if you have an idea for a film, TV or game concept and need help with your characters, environments, etc. I can create new characters for you from the outset or refine existing ones. I have many years of experience in writing character and story world 'bibles'. 

As a trained director and scriptwriter, I can also write creative treatments for production companies.
I write evocative, clear briefs for art teams and work closely with them to deliver spectacular results for you. I can work with your team or bring in my contacts. 

Do you need a mascot designed for your company or avatars created for your team? 

Maybe you need characters created for your brand or your products. If so, I can help.

customisable_girlexplorer (3).jpg

The sequences below show the evolution of a character for a transmedia project (TV, books, and video games). 

Early character concept art.jpg

Early concept art


A more kid-shaped version (less 'curvy'). Wings added.

Willabella (1).png

Final 2D concept art. Fairy-like wings have evolved into feistier, lightning bolt wings.

Art by Matt Forsyth.


In this project, artist Matt Forsyth created concept art for a bird character for a video game prototype.


Next, animator Kyla Bendall turned the concept art into a 3D test animation clip. As this character is a backward-flying bird that makes funny noises, I recommend sound when you watch it...

Writer & Creative Director: Bridget Ellis-Pegler

Artist: Matt Forsyth

Animator: Kyla Bendall 

Sound effects: Tane Upjohn-Beatson

Below, artist Ryan Kothe created concept art for two mice characters for a children's TV series concept.  


Then, this was developed into stop-motion puppet prototypes. Finally, it was filmed as a short stop-motion animation video for a 'proof of concept' test clip. 

Writer & Creative Director: Bridget Ellis-Pegler

Artist: Ryan Kothe

Stop-Motion puppets & animation: Ryan Kothe

Augmented Reality (AR)

In this project, we created a prototype to show the planned use of QR cards and augmented reality in a video game. A conceptual character was developed in 2D and 3D, brought to 'life' using augmented reality, and then further enhanced via QR cards. 

Writer & Creative Director: Bridget Ellis-Pegler

Artist: Matt Forsyth

Artificial Intelligence: Tarique Naseem

Music: Tane Upjohn-Beatson

It all starts with a conversation.

I'll get to the heart of your business. Let me tell YOUR unique story.

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