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Try Before You Buy

Ugh, is this going to be a sales call where I ramrod you into hiring me?

Heck, no! And why would I do that?


I'm not bored, and keen to fill the void with meetings;

I'm not into coercing people into coughing up cash for something they don't want.

And above all, I'm not running a charity where I give away writing tips and marketing strategies out of the goodness of my heart.


I'm a writer, and unless you've landed here by mistake (in which case, hi and welcome anyway!) - you need help writing for your business. So, before we do anything together, let's see if we resonate with each other. 

This could be the start of a beautiful collaboration. 

This consultation is complimentary for anyone who needs a writer for their business and is potentially interested in working with me. 

In our session, we'll talk about your business, your needs, how we'd work together, and how I could help you.

Specific project in mind? Great, we'll talk about that. If not, no problem, we'll talk about your business more generally.


Either way, I'll identify areas where my writing expertise could help you increase customer engagement, lift your sales game, and achieve other lofty business goals like that.

I offer loads of writing services - website pages, emails, company reports, ads etc. Read more here.


''It has always been an absolute pleasure to work with Bridget and I firmly believe that any project or business would be lucky to have her."

- Edwin McRae

Do you use marketing gibberish?


I don't know the difference between copywriting and content writing. 

Does it matter?


We already have primo writers. You'd be back-up. Problem?


Are you outrageously expensive?


Do I have to write you a creative brief?


I've had a go at my website but I'm not a great writer. Are you going to laugh?


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Free Consultation.

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