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Persuading people to buy your stuff

Image by Aaron Burden

$Bring in the cash

Let my words sell your wonderful products/services for you. 

  • Where? On the internet, brochures, billboards - wherever you need it.

  • What? Writing that persuades people to take action.

  • How? Witchery, basically. I'll use my evil powers of manipulation and compel people to spend money in your company. (Joking). No spells will be cast, nobody's buying stuff they don't want, and I'm actually very kind. 

  • When? As soon as the ink dries on our contract.

  • Why?  It's a cut-throat world out there. They'll go directly to the competition if they're not buying from you.

Examples of copywriting


Product descriptions

CTAs (calls to action, like the wording on and around a button you want someone to click for a purchase)

Email marketing

Promotional social media posts

Landing pages (single web pages that appear in response to a click via SEO results, an advertisement, etc). Designed to sell a specific product or service or generate a specific result, such as signing up for a newsletter.



What's my process? 

Click here for information.

It all starts with a chat

Paisley Chameleon Writing Services. Mt Eden, Auckland, New Zealand. 021 066 1823.

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