I'm a writer. 

I help people get more customers.

I'm all about YOU

Like the shining beacon of a lighthouse in a storm, my clear words will communicate with your target audience.

I will make sure people understand:

  • what your business does

  • your points of difference

  • and, most importantly, the deep benefits of choosing you. 

Lime green chameleon that looks like it is smiling.

What do you need?

  • Websites

  • Sales pages

  • Emails

  • Tone & style guides

  • Newsletters

  • Case histories

  • Profile writing

  • Editorial content/article writing

  • Social media

  • Blogs

  • Direct mail

  • TV ads

  • Banners/billboards

  • Something else?

Bridget Ellis-Pegler

Bridget Ellis-Pegler

Image by Cécile Brasseur

"Bridget has worked with us on numerous projects for our business. Her efficiency and reliability are unparalleled. Her input has been so valuable. She has produced interesting, fresh, and modern ideas for our website and is skilled at coming up with creative content across text, images, and design."


Ok, so I'm not really a chameleon...

...but I do share lots of their traits! I can blend into any environment and gain vital insights into your business. I turn that precious understanding into the powerful messages you need. 

Because THAT's how you get more customers.

It all starts with a chat

Paisley Chameleon Writing Services. Mt Eden, Auckland, New Zealand. 021 066 1823.